Suck it, Sony!

I don’t care much for Jeopardy and care even less for the whole Ken Jennings media saga and ensuing media infatuation. I was getting pretty bored with Jason’s posts on the matter and was glad it was coming to an end. This new deal with Sony, however, is ridiculous. Jason hasn’t posted many details but for Sony to threaten an individual for posting news on his personal site just because they know that 9 times out of 10 they will give in, is evil.
Matt Haughey said it well:

“Sony is being so short-sighted here. Jason got me to watch Jeopardy for the first time in ages and I’ve caught dozens of KenJen’s wins when I would have otherwise missed them and ignored the show entirely. Jason’s posts reminded me to tape tonights (sic) show. I’m sure many other folks will be watching, spoilers or not.
    I’m not buying any more WEGAs, ever. Sony’s new TVs are just 42 inches of shame!”

See more commentary on this at Anil’s site.
What we (webloggers, etc.) need is a “legal co-op” of sorts that we could join and utilize the services of when needed, maybe if this group was strong enough big corporations would think twice before utilizing the schoolyard bully method of conflict resolution.
I was looking around for the transcript or audio and if I wasn’t so lazy I would find it and post it here. In the words of Sean Connery (as portrayed on SNL) Suck it, Trebeck Sony!


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  1. Personally I think Kottke needs to put some big girl underwear on and suck it up. What did Sony do, send a letter? (they certainly didn’t do anything yet that costs him money, according to the latest update).
    Why is it that whenever a lawyer sends a “letter”, people (kottke) pee themselves? And then to be a complete drama queen about the whole thing:
    “…but it sure has had a chilling effect on my enthusiasm for continuing to maintain”
    ..all in an attempt to get his beloved readers to be scared little girls, just like him. And according to his latest update it worked.
    Next time be a man and post the letter before you burn it. Pansey.

  2. No offense to Jason, but it was pretty stupid to post those MP3s before the show aired. Even I thought that was crossing the line when he did it.

  3. What about the EFF.

  4. Sony and Kottke

    About a few months back in September, Jason Kottke posted information about Ken Jennings’ loss on Jeopardy, and on the 28th of November he posted an audio clip of Ken Jennings’ loss (of which the episode aired two days later). Sony contacted him and …

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