Share the Love, Netflix

I think a great feature to add to the Netflix service would be a Share With Friend feature that would allow me to send a DVD directly from my Netflix queue to a friend I think may enjoy it. Netflix could wrap the DVD in a special envelope directed at converting those who try the service (through sharing) to becoming members.
Of course there would be some restrictions to curb the potential for abuse. I can foresee three basic rules: 1) Members can only share with any given friend (address) once per year. 2) Members can have only one movie shared at a time. 3) Members are responsible for loss/damages of any shared movies.
With these rules in place and a willing user base this new feature could be a boon for Netflix’s existing viral marketing efforts.
I mocked up some screens of how this feature may be incorporated.


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  1. I’d say you’re a huge fucking nerd, but I just spent the entire thanksgiving holiday deconstructing NES ROM images, so who am I to talk.

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