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  1. No fossil record or missing link… guess I fall in the middle 3rd

  2. Actually, if you assume that the (science|bible) is clear enough to make the question obvious, then two thirds of Americans are idiots! Saying “I don’t know” is just as (ignorant|un-Christian) as saying you don’t believe in the validity of (scientific method|a poorly translated book of pre-Jewish poetry). (Oops, I accidentally revealed my opinion! Dang!)

  3. ha ha. There was a scholar on NPR the other day calling all creationists “ignoramuses”. He had a British accent so he must have been credible.
    The truth is however, as in ‘the emperors new clothes’, a large percentage of [scientific agnostics/bible pushing Christians] attain their beliefs from hearsay instead of from actual research and meditation.

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