Sinclair Coming Undone

A lesson in capitalist justice…
Because of Sinclair’s decision to air a 42-minute “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth”-style television commercial produced by a former employee of Tom Ridge, the secretary of George W. Bush’s Department of Homeland Security and skirt around rules set up to stop favoring political candidates by media groups there have been more than a few consequences:

It just goes to show that the easiest way to stand up to a big corporation is with your wallet – Sinclair and its investors have lost around $70 million in just over a week. Keep up the boycott and the calls and emails to advertisers!


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  1. Posted by Eric on October 20, 2004 at 10:41 am

    Don’t know if you read Shot In The Dark (another local blog), but I’d like to see you answer him on this very topic:

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