Yes Bush Can’t

I had a post written regarding an email (spam) I received asking me (and other bloggers) to discredit a number of documents that make Bush look bad. Here is what I started to write:

Looks like the right is looking for a few good bloggers to discredit some more documents, including memos from Ken Lay to Bush, recently declassified warnings about Osama Bin Laden, and Bush’s first and second DUI records.
It would seem that bloggers are now a big part of a strategy to disseminate misinformation.

Some of the statements (“Bush and Cheney have excellent judgment and would never get behind the wheel while drunk.”) they were making were ridiculous but then again much of this administration and those who support them has and have been ridiculous as well.
When I got to this one I had to investigate further:

“Yes Bush Can is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to re-electing George Bush and Dick Cheney.”

First I looked at the home page it looked normal. Then I looked at the “Patriot Pledge page and knew that it wasn’t quite right. A quick search or two of the whois databases returned the following: is registered to Support and Commitment, Inc. which had the following email addresses listed: and The site is deceptive and I can’t really tell that it is a parody – it is too subtle. The subtly is gone at the site and after looking up these site registrants I found that the trail led back to John Wooden of Chickenhead Productions and fame and which is connected with the new movie The Yes Men in some way. (which incidentally is a movie that I was close to seeing last night but instead saw The Motorcycle Diaries – which I will review tomorrow)
So, and the Bush documents have been put out there by someone who really doesn’t like President Bush. Why the subterfuge? Why put it out there like this? Does he think that some folks won’t pick up on this (like I almost didn’t) and inadvertently post these document on their blogs, which in turn will be picked up by “legitimate” media outlets? What gives? By the way, some folks are a bit quicker than me.

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