Equal Time? Maybe Time to Take Back the Airwaves.

How can the anti-Kerry propaganda piece “Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal” be broadcast on 62 stations in the nation without providing equal time for a pro-Kerry or anti-Bush piece? Answer: because the rich can do whatever the fuck they want.
Despite efforts by the Kerry campaign and several film makers offers (Michael Moore has offered Fahrenheit 911 as have the producers of Going Upriver) to give their films for free to Sinclair Broadcasting (yes this is the same Sinclair that ordered its ABC affiliates not to air a “Nightline” program that included a reading of the names of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and whose executives have donated at least $58,000 to the Bush-Cheney campaign or the Republican National Committee for the 2004 election).
It seems like TV executives can stand up to pressure when it comes from the left but now thanks to fear of “legal entanglements” Farenheit 911 won’t be shown on pay-per-view as planned!

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