Does this Font Make Me Look Fat?

Overall I think the NY Times does a good job on its critique of the Bush and Kerry bumper stickers and branding, however I must take exception to a couple points they make:
1. There is no mention of the idea that by adding the text “A Stronger America” may counter-balance some of the other assertions that the font treatments etc convey a weaker stance.
2. I disagree that the flag represented on the Bush sticker is superior to the Kerry flag. Neither are great but the Bush flag isn’t even the real U.S. flag as it distorts the star portion to run the entire height of the flag.
3. Lastly, perhaps I am looking for the Kerry stickers more, but I feel the Kerry stickers with the serif font are easier to read from a distance – an important point unless we want everyone to tailgate in order to read the messages.
The “W” sticker that resembles the travel stickers you see on cars that have been to Europe are particularly effective as they stand out amidst the clutter of regular rectangle bumper stickers. I just need to find me some clear stickers with a red line through them.
Cam has posted an in-depth evolution of his work on the Wes Clark brand identity.

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