Not That Concerned with Accuracy (or Fact Checking the Fact Checkers)

I promise to post about something other than politics soon but I just have to say that we really do have a pathetic group of journalists in this country. So many of them are underinformed, lazy, only interested in sound bites and entertaining, it is sad.
CBS News has had some good coverage of the election but, like many news outlets they allow their reporters to only give the most shallow aspects of a particular story.
Here is one small example of irresponsible journalism: a video titled Debate Fact Check. In it CBS, in trying to clear up some “inaccuracies” introduced more misstatements and confusion.
First they implied that President Bush misspoke when he asked Young Americans to forgo getting flu shots this year. Everyone listening understood that Bush meant young healthy adults should skip the shots but CBS correspondent Jim Acosta makes sure to state that “President Bush was playing doctor” and that it is important for those young children aged 6-23 months get their shots.
A second misunderstanding or misreporting occurred when CBS said that Kerry was wrong when he said that under President Bush the tax burden for the middle class has gone up. Acosta incorrectly states that it is “no secret that President Bush has lowered the tax burden for all tax brackets.” This statement misses the point Kerry was trying to make and makes me wonder if Acosta actually watched the debate at all. Kerry has insisted that the tax burden on the middle class is about more than just their federal tax bracket. Many state and local governments had to pick up the slack and tax people more on their property, etc. In addition, and as was stated by Kerry, the increases in Medicare, Medicaid, and other governmental programs (not to mention all the rising costs of everything else) are effectively increasing the amount of taxes the middle class is paying.
I won’t go into the things Acosta got right, but you can checkout for your self the statements Bush made regarding Kerry’s “exaggeration” about Bush’s statement that he was truly not that concerned about Osama Bin Laden.

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