Debate Observations

First off let me start by saying that I haven’t listened to any of the “spin” going on about the debate last night and that I have watched it twice. A disclaimer is in order perhaps for the first viewing — I watched it with Michael Moore and 8000 some odd progressives at the progressive University of Minnesota campus in the great progressive state of Minnesota. No wonder I felt Bush got beat handedly, again.
Here are some observations:
– Kerry made a few mistakes, mostly mistakes of omission as he continues to miss opportunities to really drive points home in unequivocal terms. One such mistake was when Bush brought up the “global test” idea out of context and misunderstood as he has been doing for the past week. Rather than coming out defensive on such a statement all Kerry had to do was to reframe the discussion into what Bush being against the “global test” means to the world. The Bush administration’s arrogance and unilateralism is a great danger to the U.S.
In the Fog of War, Robert McNamara says the following:

“If we can’t persuade nations of comparable values of the merit of our cause, we had better reexamine our reasoning.”


“I realize that I have made some decisions that have caused people to not understand the great values of our country.”

I don’t think this president has ever reexamined his reasoning and that brings me to observation number two…
– Can you believe that the President could not state a single specific mistake that he has made? He mentioned some vague reference to appointments he may not have made and then said that history will judge him on Iraq — never admitting any culpability in any wrong decision he may have made about. Hey W. wasn’t the question “list 3 mistakes?”
– Throughout the debate I remembered thinking that the questions were all a bit biased in a way that highlighted Bush’s weaknesses but then came the realization that it was simply that Bush is weak in every area.
– Bush appeared defensive and also like he was trying very, very hard not to make any faces at all. His prearranged joke (“That answer almost made me want to scowl.”) and periodic barbs aimed at Kerry came across as petty and humorless rather than self-deprecating as perhaps was planned.
– How does Bush know that we have captured or killed 75% of Al Qaeda? Did he poll them or something?
– Did Bush really say “Unmanned Veee-hicle”?
– It looked as though the Bush team did take something away from the movie “The Fog of War”. In it Robert McNamara stated the following as a rule he made for himself:

“Never answer the question that has been asked of you. Answer the question you wish you had been asked of you.”

– 1% of the population got more money in tax cuts than the bottom 80%. Wow.
– Did you catch the strut W. was in after he made his point about Kerry putting a trial lawyer on the ticket? He even tried to stare Kerry down.
For some funny observations of the first two debates and I suspect this one soon , I would recommend the defective yeti.

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