Wouldn’t it be Great to Have Bush Level With Us Tonight at the Debate?

Q REPORTER: Mr. President, a year ago in Evian, there was an expectation that in the ensuing months, weapons such as chemical or biological weapons, would be found in Iraq. I wonder if you can share with the American people your conclusions, based on what you’ve learned over the past 15 months, sir, as to whether those weapons were — existed and they were hidden, were they destroyed, were they somehow spirited out of the country, or perhaps they weren’t there before the war, and whether you had a chance to share this with your G8 partners.
A: THE PRESIDENT: Right, no — Bob, it’s a good question. I don’t know — I haven’t reached a final conclusion yet because the inspectors — inspection teams aren’t back yet. I do know that Saddam Hussein had the capacity to make weapons. I do know he’s a dangerous person. I know he used weapons against his own people and against the neighborhood. But we’ll wait until Charlie gets back with the final report, and then I’ll be glad to report.
[Questions and answer from June 2003; Source: This Modern World]

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  1. It would be great if he did.
    History suggests he won’t. It’s like that Simpsons episode where Homer teaches Bart to say “I didn’t do it” as one of the great life lessons.
    Oh God, I just compared the Simpsons to Bush. If there are any Simpons fans out there, I apologise!

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