Those who follow such matters know that I built a house last year and have been involved in multiple projects since then, mostly involving pushing around large rocks and piles of dirt. This fall we put down grass seed in most of our yard and to our amazement grass actually grew! I mention seeding because we made conscious decision to seed our lawn rather than sod. For those who don’t know sod is considered by many to be very bad for the environment due to extensive use of chemicals during the growing process (including carcinogens in atrazine, etc.) and because sod strips away so much topsoil each time it is harvested, rendering the land useless for several seasons.
I tell you this not to lecture but to give one reason why we decided to seed and setup my next statements. In addition to all the landscaping work I have done this summer, there were construction crews rebuilding our local sewer system and putting in new curbs and streets. When they were done (yesterday) they took an area that we have planned to put down mulch and small bushes and laid sod. My dilemma now is that I don’t want to waste the, already wasteful sod, yet I really didn’t want it, it just wasn’t part of our plans for the area. Not sure what I am going to do most likely nothing until next year when I re-evaluate.

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