Progress in Iraq

  • 42 Americans died in Iraq in June — the month before the handover. But 54 died in July — 66 in August and already 54 halfway through September.
  • More than 1,100 Americans were wounded in August — more than in any other month since the invasion.
  • In March, insurgents attacked our forces 700 times. In August, they attacked 2,700 times — a 400% increase.
  • Falluja, Ramadi, Samarra, even parts of Baghdad — are now “no go zones” — breeding grounds for terrorists who are free to plot and launch attacks against our soldiers.
  • Basic living conditions are also deteriorating.

  • Residents of Baghdad are suffering electricity blackouts lasting up to 14 hours a day.
  • Raw sewage fills the streets, rising above the hubcaps of our Humvees. Children wade through garbage on their way to school.
  • Unemployment is over 50 percent. Insurgents are able to find plenty of people willing to take $150 for tossing grenades at passing U.S. convoys.

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