Hindsight 20/20? Maybe We Need Glasses?

“Bush may lack an overarching global vision, but he has a clear understanding of the emerging geostrategic realities and the ways in which they can be turned to advantage. Were Reagan still in office, it is almost certain that securing international cooperation would have been way down on the White House agenda. Reagan relished America’s role as world policeman, a lone cowboy avenging evil. Bush knows that rounding up a posse in advance better suit’s today’s world…No matter how supportive the public may be of Bush’s intervention today, its willingness to tolerate flag-draped coffins returning for weeks on end is at best problematic…What will constitute a victory? in the showdown against Iraq? If a year from now, oil-price stability has been achieved and Saddam is either back within his own borders or deposed, the political benefits for Bush will be great.”

– TIME Magazine, Aug. 20, 1990

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