Better Safe Than Sorry

Maybe it’s naivety, stupidity, or a lingering sense of invulnerability from my youth but I must say, that I have never feared terrorism in the U.S. — pre or post Sept. 11.
Bush/Cheney would point to this fact, no doubt, as an endorsement of their anti-terrorism policies and actions to stem these types of attacks on our soil — and maybe they are right.
Does this mean that I think the world, and the U.S. are safer with Bush in the Whitehouse? No. Here’s why.
Much of what any given U.S. President does, any given U.S. President would do. That is to say that Gore would have taken virtually all of the measures that Bush has in fighting the “War on TerrorTM” as would have Clinton, as would have Bush I, Reagan, etc. 80% of the things a president does, any president would do — things such as deploying troops to seek and destroy Al Qaeda operatives, expanding free trade, sending aid to foreign countries, and taking steps to fix institutions such as Medicare, and Social Security. But then there is that tricky 20% of things where each president differs.
In the case of George W. Bush, it is with this 20% that most people in the country take issue. This 20% includes such things as repealing environmental laws so that businesses can pollute more, forcing legislation that reduces our 1st amendment rights, tax cuts that save middle income Americans $200-$300 and wealthy Americans (top 2%) hundreds of thousands, and of course, pushing for a preemptive war on a country that had not show aggression towards us or any other nation and basing it upon false (and I believe contrived) circumstances.
It is this 20% of the actions of the president that, in fact, make us less safe in the world. Reelecting George W. Bush would send a message to the world that we, the citizens of the U.S, condone this 20%. It would paint us all with the same brush, and instead of showing the world that we made a mistake (or at least slightly less than half of us did) — instead it would show that the average U.S. citizen agrees with these decisions, we agree with the policies of this president — that we are just like him. Instead of making us safer, instead of denouncing the aggressive, irresponsible, and foolish actions of our “leader”, we would be saying to everyone:
“You can hate us all now.”

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  1. Posted by Sunny on September 6, 2004 at 10:54 pm

    Trust me, everywhere in the world, the majority of people do not look at the US positively. It has nothing to do with Iraq, with Bush, Sept 11, or American domestic policies. This indifference predates all of that.
    Visit other countries, and you will see this phenomenon en masse.

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