We’ll recruit you for military service but don’t expect to be able to vote in return.

The suppression of the black vote is well documented from the 2000 election especially in Florida. Tactics such as disinformation (pamphlets were distributed stating that the election was on Wed. the 5th of Nov rather than Tue. the 4th), using false authority and made-up rules (people were told they did not have proper documentation when they did or were told they were on “a list” of convicted felons even though they had never committed a crime), and physical detainment (roadblocks in predominately black neighborhoods preventing people from getting to the polls and stalling people outside of polling places until after the deadlines had passed)
You would have thought the Republicans would have learned their lesson. But I guess that lesson was do anything possible to ensure your own success. What else should we expect, really? Well “they” are at it again:

Last month John Pappageorge, a Republican state representative in Michigan, told a journalist that the party would do poorly if they
failed to “suppress the Detroit vote.” Detroit, of course, is 83% black.

Want to stop these affronts to democracy? Send a letter to the GOP.

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