Web Publishing (if not this site) Is Coming Into Its Own

Instead of posting I have been busying myself with minor tweaks to the interface (which I assure you there are more to come) and plugin work to add some things I have wanted for a while. All of this is going to (hopefully) be thrown out at some point as I make a clean break for version 6 of Alt Text, due out sometime in late ’04 to early ’05.
In addition to (and partly the source of energy) I have been tooling around the web much more recently and have seen a great many things. I have contemplated on the merits of WordPress and even considered switching. I have decided to wait for one or two more releases and try to gauge the activity level of the six apart team to see what they have up their sleeves before I make up my mind. More about this as it unfolds.
I have also marveled at the “new” Blogger ok so its not so new. I never checked it out when it relaunched itself because I really never had any interest in it. I set up a trial blog in under a minute (seriously) and I was very impressed by the interface, speed, and elegance of the application it is a great example of what web applications should be. More on this too in the weeks and months ahead as this is very much in line with what I am doing professionally at the moment.

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