To Do List

I decided to write down and disclose to the world some of the things I would like to do in my life:
Skydive – tentatively planned for next May/June
Write a book – I have to practice, much, much more
Get elected to a government office – a consolation could be working for a successful campaign and being a “staffer”.
Travel to every part of the world – I really want to visit (and have some extended vacations of a couple months) many places on all 7 continents — yeah I would go to Antarctica.
Live in a couple different U.S. cities – top choices right now would be N.Y. and San Fran.
Live in at least one other county – I can’t have my only experience be living in the most wealthy and powerful country on earth
Teach – While I have taught technology classes at local colleges and universities I would really like to teach something better like History, Civics, Art, or Literature.
Run a successful small business – I have some in the works but I wasn’t thinking that small.
Hang Glide – the closest thing to flying there is.
Go into space – the longest shot in more ways than one
Learn more – I want to continue being curious and learning new things my entire life.
That should get me by a while — at least through the next few weeks I would think.

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