Works of Fire

kaboom!Last night I tried my hand at some fireworks photography with my Sony DSC-S85 digital camera, a tripod, and a good sense of humor. I went down to the Mississippi in Saint Paul for the Taste of Minnesota. As with many digital cameras there is a delay between the time the shutter release button is depressed and when the camera actually takes the photo. This being the case, many of the photos in this new fireworks gallery are not of exactly what was intended. I liked how some turned out, however and then to salvage the night – I took a few shots of a ferris wheel.
UPDATE: I know there is something weird happening in IE where the photo is not showing in this post. It is currently blowing my mind.


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  1. I bet it’s the style tag. I’d get rid of that and see if it shows up.
    You may also want to look at this window. It’s all blue with gray and black on blue text. That’s not so good.
    peace out,

  2. It was the style tag but not the one I was thinking. The main “container” element needed to be set for position: relative to work.

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