No Ketchup for Oil

I have just returned from watching Fahrenheit 9/11 and I must ask every American to see this film. It would be civically negligent to not see it. I particularly encourage anyone who is uncertain as to who they are voting for as well as anyone who plans on voting for George W. Bush, because it is likely that you, too may not know for whom you would be voting.
Not seeing this film before you vote is like not knowing if your parachute is strapped to your back before jumping from a plane — it would be irresponsible, dangerous, and above all, extremely stupid.
You may not find the way the facts presented in Fahrenheit 9/11 provide a fair portrayal of President Bush and Moore freely admits that he does have an opinion — that Bush is a bad president and worse leader for our nation — and would like to see the American people show him the door on election day, however, Moore’s opinions can readily be separated from fact in the film and the facts still remain true for all the world to check and recheck (as Moore and his team have done).
The Pledge of Democratic Allegiance
Other ways to get involved.
New York Times is first major news outlet to admit to inaccurate and lazy reporting after 9/11.

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