Badly kept secret

So the, very well spread, rumor is that on Monday Apple is going to hold a press conference to announce iTunes Europe. Where it gets interesting, is that it has also been rumored that Steve Jobs is going to announce that he bought the rights to the Beatles songs and he is going to announce this in London on Monday. I would guess that Apple is really only getting the online distribution rights to the songs, if that. I don’t know if Michael Jackson can afford to sell all the rights to the Beatles songs any time soon.
An interesting side note from this Reuters article is that Apple has been embroiled in a legal dispute with management for the Beatles, Apple Corps. since September.

The Beatles, who formed similarly named London-based Apple Corps. in 1968 to manage its business interests and act as its music label, have accused the computer manufacturer of violating a 1991 agreement specifying it could use the Apple trademark for computer products only.
The Beatles management have said Apple Computer broke the agreement when it used the logo and trademark to promote its iTunes online music store, the most popular Internet download service in the world.

You won’t have to guess which side of this I am coming down on. Even if its only Paul and Ringo, I’ll take it over Steve.

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