While on the subject of Modest Mouse

I should mention that their new album, Good News For People Who Love Bad News is really good. I especially like the tracks: The World at large and Float On (current single).
On another musical side note I really want to get my hands on the new Iron and Wine disc, Our Endless Numbered Days as I have heard good things.
Other bands to checkout: Tullycraft (twee band full of energy), The Owls (a great group from Minneapolis), Kloey (another local act that is bustin’ out), Snow Patrol (reminiscent of some of my favorites, including: Travis, The Shins, The Flaming Lips, The Doves, and even Nick Drake), Guster (even though I can hear these guys on the radio they still don’t suck), and Clinic (reminds me of a cross between Radiohead and someone a little less brilliant which is still very good and great to listen to)
Finally for some good, sweet, artistic expression through song, check out, ultra-indie duo The Sunshine’s Beautiful (mp3) and Pure Projection (mp3)

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  1. awww yeeeaaahh! gettin’ name dropped by the Benster! (Robbie says you really need to be kickin’ with our crew…)

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