Of Minivans and Mice

Jason has posted some thoughts in the past about “conversations via comments on his site (or any site for that matter regarding who “owns” them. By far the most commented on post here at Alt Text was one from August of last year about how the emo/indy/sweet band Modest Mouse could be “selling out” via, of all things, a minivan commercial.
There are nearly 50 comments on this thread (paling in comparison to Jason’s Matrix thread but impressive nonetheless) with the last one being from yesterday. Like Jason I feel that the comments and ensuing discussion have been of a pretty high level and I am fascinated that people keep finding this post and find it interesting.
Now the question of course is do I think Modest mouse sold out? No we all would have done the same thing in their shoes. Why can’t a band be great and make some money? Why can’t I get paid for what I do and love it? Well there are some things standing in the way but I am working on it.

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