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I had been preparing to write a post claiming that John Kerry would not be the president come January 2005. This was primarily due to the notion that he isn’t charismatic enough, he is from New England, and doesn’t seem to inspire the fervor that I think would be needed to oust Bush from the white house this November.
When I was planning that post, I had hoped that either Edwards or Clark would pick up steam and get the nomination. Today’s post however is not about that. It is about who the Vice President will be as it seems clear now that Edwards and Clark are only in the race to see who will be picked as Kerry’s running mate.
They are both from the South. Kerry/Clark would make a formidable team as far as national defense goes. Edwards would give Kerry those intangibles that are some important yet, so hard to figure. If I was a betting man, I would say Kerry/ Edwards will be the combo, though I have heard speculation that Kerry might choose Clinton as VP – Hillary. I doubt that strategy would work, however.
What about Dean you say? I just don’t think the other candidates can stand the man. Do you think the followers would just as easily get behind a ticket with Dean as the second fiddle? I am not so sure it would. It should be interesting however. I am not getting my hopes up, but recent polls suggest Kerry would beat Bush if the election were held today.


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  1. My sentiments exactly. I thought Kerry was a total dud. I was actually hoping for a Dean-Clark team. It seems like the “Washington Insiders” (ie senators, etc.) have to much baggage to lug-another reason why I thought Kerry was out.
    Great insight into the VP seat. Doubt that Clinton would be asked (talk about baggage!).

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