We have a true democracy at work…

…it’s just only working for those who show up.
Right now those who show up are those who can afford the cover charge. Big Business, Big Media, Big Labor, etc. What we really have is a democracy with less than 1000 or so participants all of which wield incredible power purchased with the donations to the campaigns that they feel will give them the most return on their investment.
Daily there are stories of companies benefiting from laws passed or contracts given out to contributors and key supporters of politicians. I tend to harp on the Republicans for this — and they do have more wealthy friends — but really this issue cuts across party lines. Sure there are the Halliburton’s and the CBS’s but there are so many more examples every day.
Given a limited amount of resources how can the average person compete with the requests (demands) of these giant stakeholder? The answer? They can’t. Politics in America is all too often about who can promise the most to the majority of Americans and then get by with giving them the least. Perhaps if you can’t beat them you just have to become one of them?

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