democracy (little d)

Let’s pretend that we live in a true democracy for a moment and realize what that really means.
In a democracy it isn’t about who is right or wrong but rather who most people agree with or not. Ideally each individual would represent his or her own desires, needs, and values and attempt to better their own situation through social and political means.
In a society as just described, I would, most likely not vote how I do now. I would, because it would better serve me — in my economic situation, to vote Republican. And Republican’s would never be champions of the death penalty and abortion and government regulations regarding trade, industry, copyright, etc. But something got screwed up along the way (or was never created quite right to begin with) when each member of society doesn’t voice their own opinion and fight for laws and rights that apply to them.
Many Democrats (big D) and quite a few Republicans actually “take up the cause” of those who don’t, won’t, can’t, take it on themselves. This wasn’t the way it was intended. How can we resolve this problem that is as old as democracy itself? How can we get to a point when each person feels that they can and should (and must?) voice their beliefs so that they are counted?
Tomorrow’s Entry: We have a true democracy at work — it’s just only working for those who show up.


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  1. Interesting topic…
    But one question: Are we a democracy or a republic?

  2. are you upset?

  3. True, we live in a republic — that is why I said “Let’s pretend that we live in a true democracy”. Democracies don’t tend to do too well when the size of the state gets very large. Perhaps there have been and will be some innovations to allow us to adopt more democratic practices now that we are in the “Information Age”. We elect delegates to do our decision making for us.
    One interesting thought would be that if we did away with the electorate college and just had general elections, would we live in a republic most of the time and a democracy for a day every 2 years? What about referendums and the like, those are closer to democracy? Do you ever see us getting to a point where the citizens vote on laws rather than the congress?

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