much left to do

There is still much left to do on the site. I was just so sick of looking at the old one.
There are many features yet to be added as I mostly just changed the style sheets and structure somewhat around all the old content. If I wasn’t so lazy/impatient I would be much better at making sure that all the CSS was perfect and all, but as this is my personal site, I decided not to care too much.
The site isn’t even how I want it to look quite yet but I thought it would be nice to update the look anyway.
You will likely notice a few style sheet bugs here and there and I will be cleaning them up in the next couple days. If you notice anything funky (especially on a Mac) please drop me a note.


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  1. The only bug I can see is that the bottom footer isn’t in yellow in Safari. Otherwise it looks real good!

  2. I like the alternating colors in your “alt text”. hot.

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