The Strata of My Digital History

Often when Jena and I are rushed for time before someone stops by the house we hurriedly scoop up all the papers from our desks and throw them into a printer paper box (or more than one) until we have more time to “go through them”. It works pretty well for me because anything that was important or time sensitive in that pile is nearly worthless several months later when I get around to looking in the box again.
Well I just realized that I have the digital equivalent to this method of “organization” and I call it the “cleanup file”. On my desktop I have the “recycle bin” but only use that for things I know I don’t need any longer; if there is any doubt about the use of something I simply throw it in the “cleanup” file and forget about it. These files are usually names and dates: cleanup 10-02-03 for example and are created at irregular intervals that works out to being anywhere between 2-5 months. Those are the times when I select everything that is cluttering my desktop up and throw it in the cleanup directory.
Over the years I have accumulated quite a few of these directories and now, looking into them, I get the idea that I am some sort of archaeologist/geologist digging down into different layers of sediment to determine what this person (me) was doing for the last 4+ years. Interesting stuff – to me anyways.


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  1. Funny, I do the exact same thing. I wait until I can’t put any more files on my desktop, then throw them in a folder and put it away. It’s actually fun to go back and look at the stuff you happened to keep for whatever reason 3 years after the fact.

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