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Fair warning: I would like to be more of a “hug-greeter”. That prudish tight-assed pilgrim who invented the handshake should be ashamed of himself (gender implied because women are generally not afraid of embracing). I think we would all do well to greet with a kiss on the cheek or a hug as it would immediately break down some of the barriers we put between ourselves.
The problem for me however is how does one become a hug-greeter when they previously have not been, in a society that isn’t comfortable with the hug-greet? I feel the sorriest for those friends of mine who live close by — we’re in for some awkward moments ahead.


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  1. Posted by mark on January 8, 2004 at 8:27 am

    I’m glad you decided this after my trip out there,
    ’cause all my hugs end up with french kissing and groping.

  2. I would personally like to revert to more of a “bow-greeter”. Even handshaking is really unsanitary.

  3. This is easier to get away with as you’re married so the flirting stigma is diverted as you are officially “attached” and it’s assumed you don’t wander by othe women.
    However, any male/female hug greetings would take place ONLY in the presence of your wife as this averts any sense of disclosure or guilt on all participating parties parts.
    Perhaps after you become “known” as a hug-greeter, this will become much less a concern.
    Regarding male/male hug greeting, the best way to start becoming a hug greeter is the handshake-hug whereby initiating a handshake and pulling the person towards you while extending the other arm for a wrap around thus turning the handshake into a hug.
    If other people feel invaded by this type of greeting, you may substitue the wrap around with a simple shoulder slap and a kind greeting.
    We can call this a Minnesota hug as it demonstrates fondness for the other person while doesn’t foce then into an uncomfortable circumstance.
    Should the person want a hug, they will recirpocate with an arm wrap, it’s very easy to convert the Minnesota hug into a full on hug.
    Good luck in your hugging efforts and I’d be curious to read the results of your initiative. Are people open to hug greetings? Do they back off? I’m very curious to read all about it from behind my germ-free monitor πŸ˜€
    Stuart πŸ˜€

  4. You try and hug me man, and I’ll kick you in the cooter.

  5. Brent, a hug will be the first thing you’ll get when/if you ever invite me over to your crib! =P

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