A list of prenatal posts

This draft post is actually a running list that I would keep moving each month so I would remember some issues and links to post about for that month. It would seem I stopped moving it late last June but some of these items are much older than that. New comments are found in ()
Affirmative Action – still needed
House (presumably mine)
War – Means to a Noble End? (could be but not likely very often)
Food? (was I questioning the need for food? was I simply hungry?)
www.kuro5hin.org (must have wanted to link to this site as it is pretty good)
Very pessimistic view of the advertising industry
(one that I was inclined to believe a few quarters ago – though things look to be picking up)
New Zealand’s Mixed Member Proportional electoral system
The evolution of democracy. (The lionk above spurred me to want to start a thread about th evolution of democracy but ralized I would nee dto research much more. This idea however resonates with a recent desire of mine to read the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States. I am both amazed and appalled at myself for never having done so — though I am most assuradly not alone. Oh yeah, and I was still very bitter about W “winning” the election)
blogs to add to the list:

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