Recycling Old Entries (or digging through the lost and found bin)

As I am sure most webloggers do, I have accumulated a multitude of half-finished, half-baked posts that appear doomed to linger in draft status for all eternity.
In this, the new year, I am going to start dusting them off and publishing some of them. Some I might add to — make them more compete, others I may just post as is. Here is the first one circa July 2003 posted more or less as it was — entirely incomplete and lacking in context:

I have been called many things, objective is perhaps not one of the most frequent.
AlterNet Article [via Bitterpill]

See the extended entry for definitions of objectivity.

5 entries found for Objectivity.
Entry: classicism
Function: noun
Definition: simplicity
Synonyms: aesthetic principle, Atticism, balance, Ciceronianism, clarity, class, classicalism, conventional formality, dignity, elegance, eloquence, excellence, finish, formal style, formality, grand style, grandeur, Hellenism, high art, lucidity, majesty, neoclassicism, nobility, objectivity, observance, polish, proportion, propriety, pure taste, purity, rationalism, refinement, regularity, restraint, rhythm, severity, simplicity, sobriety, sublimity, symmetry
Antonyms: romanticism
Concept: simplicity
Entry: detachment
Function: noun
Definition: aloofness
Synonyms: brown study, coldness, coolness, disinterestedness, dreaminess, impartiality, incuriosity, indifference, neutrality, nonpartisanship, objectivity, preoccupation, remoteness, reverie, unconcern
Concept: personality entity
Entry: indifference
Function: noun
Definition: disinterest
Synonyms: alienation, aloofness, apathy, callousness, carelessness, cold shoulder, cold-bloodedness, coldness, coolness, detachment, disdain, disinterest, disinterestedness, dispassion, disregard, equity, heedlessness, immunity, impartiality, impassiveness, impassivity, inattention, inertia, insensitivity, insouciance, isolationism, lack, lethargy, listlessness, negligence, neutrality, nonchalance, noninterference, objectivity, stoicalness, stoicism, torpor, unconcern, unmindfulness
Concept: neglect/ignoring
Entry: objectively
Function: adverb
Definition: impartially
Synonyms: considerately, detachedly, disinterestedly, dispassionately, equitably, even-handedly, indifferently, justly, neutrally, open-mindedly, soberly, squarely, with impartiality, with objectivity, without favor, without prejudice
Concept: judging
Entry: perspective
Function: noun
Definition: view
Synonyms: angle, aspect, attitude, broad view, context, headset, mindset, mindtrip, objectivity, outlook, overview, panorama, proportion, prospect, relation, relative importance, relativity, scape, scene, viewpoint, vista
Concept: belief/theory
Sources: Roget’s Interactive Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.0.0)
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