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With all the hubub over Google’s “Florida” update it now seems like Google is becomeing more evil. The update changes the way only certain words and phrases come up in the reults, only the most popular ones, that have commercial value to people. Speculation is that by unseating sites from positions they have held for years, you increase the competition for the highest rankings in those words so they can sell more Adwords and make more money.
Want to see how the reults would be if they weren’t manipulatd by Google? search for the same terms or terms and then type -uybvlizwyfbszilhfsgkfbsf (or some equally unique term) after it.
Interesting & Related: Search for “Miserable Failure” at Google and see what comes up.


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  1. SEO after the Google Florida Update

    In mid-November Google deployed the first major update in months, now known as the ‘Florida’ update. Previous updates have introduced changes to Google’s scoring algorithm and adjusted spam filters – filters designed to catch sites using hidden-text, l…

  2. Clever work by the Gephardt team. Apparently “miserable failure” isn’t a starndard commercial term debunked by the new algo, but even if it was, the official whitehouse site would probably remain safe at the top of the results.

  3. I think George has earned his top ranking and we should be proud of him.
    Here is my quick speculation on what happened with Google…
    Of the start they had to place a strong overoptimization filter on websites which seemed as though they were cheating the system so they could do a fair analysis of the remainder of the web.
    After they got the overoptimized results removed they began to perform their ontology calculations across the web, while looking at the interconnectivity of the results. If the results were not well conected they let them fall out as they eased up on the filter settings.
    As they began to build a good dataset of search results they could ease the filter down and let more quality results in. Now many categories are back near where they were before the fiasco started.

  4. Nice blog…however it has some problems with the messages structure…there is a great gap at the top..

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