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I am a little late to the party perhaps (in fact so late that I can’t even comment on his weblog, but cut me some slack I have been on vacation.) but I need to give Jason props on his continual (or maybe it’s herky-jerky) evolution of Kottke.org. Once again Jason blazes a trail (can snails blaze?) that makes it easier for the rest of us to follow. While I do think the movie banners are a bit overbearing I love the fact that Jason is separating types of posts in the main blog area. The inability (or at least the prohibitive difficultly) to aggregate different types of posts with different types of data is one thing that has been holding me up for a couple years now. I would have loved to bring over my movie reviews from BenOnFilm.com (no longer affiliated with me – RIP) and write more but I really wanted the data to be presented differently than a regular post. I too have several blogs (Links, Lists, etc) aimed at segregating data of different types but have not tried too hard to bring them all together as Jason has.


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  1. Personally I don’t like what Jason is doing to his site. There’s just too much crap on the page and it all runs together. I can’t tell what’s supposed to go with what or if it’s even supposed to go with anything at all! Definitely needs better organization, IMHO.
    But I think before you do the same to your site you should check it in Safari. It’s pretty jacked.

  2. Brent, I agree that Kottke.org, design-wise could be better. Maybe a little more feeling of unity between the ways that different types of content are presented but the general idea I think still works. I especially like the way remaindered links, book “reviews”, and excerpts from comments are designated with different symbols and formatting — although, like I said it could be a bit clearer at first glance. I think Jason takes for granted that people come to his site routinely and thus learn his site so that he doesn’t have to continually remind people how — however wrong that assumption may be.

  3. I’d agree. If anything, I’d like to see a separate page just for posts, since really that’s the only thing on his site I care about, and I now have to weed through links, movies, and book reviews to find them. Also given the fact that links, movies and book reviews all have their own pages, and posts do not (well current posts anyway), I think that one thing would make me much happier.
    But I do agree there needs to be more separation of the different types of content on the front page. Nothing major, but what he’s got right now just ain’t cutting it…for me anyway.

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