Dear Catastrophe Waitress

On Halloween I went to see Belle & Sebastian with some friends at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul. While we were waiting for the show to start in our sweet balcony seats (thanks Anne!) we were looking around for people we knew and cool costumes (Frank of Donnie Darko fame and Popeye I’m talking about you here)
We were all so pumped after the opening act we didn’t know if Belle & Sebastian could top it. We didn’t even know the band’s name until halfway thought the B&S set when they thanked them for playing with them. The Hidden Cameras put on what I now find out was probably one of their tamest shows ever, but for us, was full of energy and fun. I liked every song they played and at points they had everyone up and dancing.
While we didn’t see Hiromi there, who do you think strolls in right before Belle & Sebastian take the stage? None other than Trik and Jamie Eversweet (what ever happened to! Trik was the one who, by way of Jesse, got me into Belle & Sebastian, and now he was sitting in the balcony right next to us. What are the chances?


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  1. Funny, I just saw Trik last Friday during lunch when I was at Baja Sol. He parked right next to the restaruant and crossed the street to the other side of Hennepin. I haven’t seen that dude in years!

  2. Oh, and and Trik never got me into B&S, but he did get me into Komeda, who you should listen to if you haven’t.

  3. Just saw Belle & Sebastian last night in St. Louis. I have a question. In MN did they do a bit where they pulled someone out of the audience and had them to a cover song request with the band? They acted like they were doing something rare but it was probably just typical band schtick to make the crowd feel special.

  4. Nothing like that at this show, though they did invite two folks who were dressed up (for Halloween) as a Catastrophe Waitress up on stage during that song to dance. They also invited the guy in the Frank costume from Donnie Darko up on stage as well.

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