Fun with video

I have had my minions sending me links to bits of great videos and commercials etc.
First off we have some short films and music videos by Ruben Fleischer. A few of my favorite music videos include:
electric six – dance commander (filmed in MN?)
gold chains – i come from sf (that dude is funny)
dj format – vicious battle raps
and (not least)
dj format – the hit song (what a great video)
Then there is a band I had heard of (barley) but never heard, Junior Senior. Their Move Your Feet video is genius. Dance little squirrel, dance!
In other squirrel related video news: the Squirrel Tag spot that is currently running at the Onion is also genius, and so damn funny to boot. While you are there check out the Tri-Runner Demolition Derby spot as well.

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