Wreaking havoc on my body

This past week, and the one upcoming, I have/will put my body through much physical strain. I have been hauling concrete blocks (over 100 of them) to and fro between my house and the local home stores, I will, this weekend, be applying mortar to and moving around all those blocks; building a wood and steel railing; I will be building a boulder wall out of 10-18″ fieldstones (20 tons of them); I played basketball for the first time in months, and I painted (actually more physical that it seems).
It only takes a week of work to realize how little I use my body for physical activity. The variety of activities have all worked together to make nearly every muscle in my body sore – but it is a good feeling. Hopefully I can continue some of this exercise regimen into the long dark Minnesota winter – or as I have often thought of it – the blubbering.

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