I had thought I had seen the worst the horror genre had to offer as far as movies were concerned. I was wrong. I have now seen into the bowels of cinema and its name was Jeepers Creepers 2. Lest you ask why I subject myself to such movies, rest assured that it is not by my choice. If you do not believe me I just dare you to watch this movie – I took a phone call for 20 minutes during this movie and a I begged the other conversant to not end the call and make me go back in the theater. Yes, it was that bad.
I have learned my lesson – I will simply find something else to do when it is suggested to go to a movie that I know will be horrible. My string of very bad movies continues and my faith in the industry is all but shattered – what new movies should I see that can restore it? Anyone?


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  1. What the HELL were you thinking? Unfortunately, I saw this crap at the drive-in as well.
    No amount of expectation-setting could possibly help this pile of shit. I have pity on your soul.
    P.S. As I enter my information through these comments, I wonder: Do you sell my contact information? And if so, who do you sucker into purchasing it?

  2. Thanks for the contact info you sent me Ben. Now I can sign up for all the porn I want and it’s all Scotty’s fault! Your check for 30 cents is in the mail.

  3. Nice. But I’ve been banned from most porn sites already … something about inappropriate behavior. They’re all a bunch of prudes.
    But good luck.

  4. dude, jeepers creepers 1 was pretty good.

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