Do: See the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre – I am not sure it will be good – but the trailer is good enough to warrant a viewing
Don’t: See Freddy vs. Jason; also don’t ask why I did – I tried to get out of it, I really did.


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  1. What’s wrong with Freddy vs. Jason?
    I saw it at a drive-in theater and I loved it. I thought that it held true to both styles of movies: Freddy the nightmarish psychological killer and Jason the bloody slasher.
    Were you somehow hoping for an award-winning film? You need to set your expectations appropriately for a movie like this.

  2. Believe me Scott my expectations could not possibly have been set any lower. If the purpose of making movies is to give people what they expect and take the simplest road to box office riches then yes, Freddy vs. Jason and countless other movies have hit the mark time after time.
    I had such low expectations that I expected to walk out of the movie and indeed looked forward to walking out.
    Just because you are on movie number 14 or whatever in a series doesn’t mean you cannot be original and give the audience a good experience.
    As for your experience I am sure the movie was good for you, or at least what parts of the movie you say through that fogged up windshield at the drive-in, ahem.

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