Son of Napster?

This sounds crazy and so it probably is. Robert Cringely throws out an idea and waits for the bobber to go down. Cringely suggests the following (greatly paraphrased):
1. a company should buy one copy of every CD on the market. (100,000 CDs at $14 each requires $1.4 million)
2. the company has to be a public company
3. measures would be taken to maintain a stock price of roughly $20 – at which price all users would own at least one share.
4. because each share carries ownership rights to those 100,000 CDs it also carries the right to download backup or media-shifting copies
5. wild success follows.
Could such an idea work? For about 10 minutes – which is about how fast the record industry would take to get an injunction against the company. I just don’t think the solution to the recording industry rests on this sort “loophole” – there really needs to be a change in the mindset of media licensing and ownership.

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