Au Paris!

I just booked airfare to Paris this spring. $241 round trip! I couldn’t afford not to go. I will be hitting some folks I know (Jason that means you) for any suggestions of what to see and do. If you have any suggestions for me please email them or leave a comment.
Here are some new Lonely Planet books I have added to my wishlist: France, Paris, Belgium & Luxembourg


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  1. First of all, ditch the Lonely Planet crap. The best guides out there are the Eyewitness Guides. I swear by them when travelling. They don’t have one for Copenhagen and I was lost without it when I was there recently. Here’s the Paris one:

  2. I’d have to agree, Lonely Planet doesn’t do a great job of trying to help you arrange your trip … one of the basic features that I search for in a “guidebook”.
    I recently used an “Insight Pocket Guide” for Budapest and a “Citypack” for Vienna. Both guidebooks had listings of sites to see, places to shop, eat, etc… (similar to Lonely Planet), but they also suggested routes for walking tours with detailed descriptions of sites along the way. In addition, several ways in which to plan your visit, based on the number of days your trip will last were presented.
    Here’s the Insight Pocket Guide and the Citypack for Paris:
    Have a great trip!
    P.S. How did you score that fare?

  3. Posted by dan on July 8, 2003 at 9:30 pm

    Don’t know if you’re into museums, but I figure the Louvre oughta merit a day. The line was hours long when I went, and we had to ditch it due to time constraints. I’ve since heard that there’s some sort of city-wide tourist pass that allows you to skip right on past the lines. Perhaps someone else can give you more info, but it sounds like a good idea to me.

  4. Jason and Jish:
    I have found Lonely Planet Guides to be extremely helpful in my travels throughout Mexico. I found little out of the way hotels and restaurants that were great. Of course I am sure any guidebook series is only as good as its primary authors.
    The Eyewitness guides do look good but are you sure you two don’t like them simply for all the pretty pictures?
    I have heard the Louvre could merit a week if I were to spend it. I have heard of these passes that have set times I believe where you do not have to wait in line. I definitely will pick one of those up and check out the Louvre for a full day.

  5. Re: the Louvre… don’t use the Pyramid entrance. It’s always too crowded and there are other entrances that the tourists don’t necessarily know about, including one right from a Metro station. The Eyewitness Guide has a map showing the other entrances.

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