I’m with Busey too.

I cannot stop watching I’m with Busey on Comedy Central. Damn is it bizarre and funny. Here you have this guy who, with tongue firmly planted in cheek says he is Gary Busey’s (Lethal Weapon, Point Break, Under Siege) biggest fan. And Busey, who has always been more than a little “off” has, since his near death motorcycle accident in the mid 1990’s become even weirder.
The show is full of sage wisdom from Busey and there are so many great quotes – just about everything that comes out of his mouth is pure gold.
Here are some of the ones that are on the show’s site:
“This show is like a farm birth in outer space.” – Gary Busey
“Fear is the dark room where the devil develops his negatives.” – Gary Busey
“I have the ability to look innocently stupid.” – Gary Busey
“When you get lost in your imaginatory vagueness your foresight will become a nimble vagrant.” – Gary Busey
And there are no words to describe Gary Busey in drag. No words.

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