This has got to stop

I am not sure when this was deemed acceptable, but the practice of every promo for TV shows and preview for movies telling us that there is a “mind-blowing twist you’ve got to see to believe” is pissing me off.
The act of announcing a surprise or twist (and even going so far as to say its in the last 2 minutes) ruins the effect of the surprise. Half of what makes twists and surprises cool is that they are unexpected.
Movie and TV producers take note: I am announcing a boycott of any such program or movie that stoops to these sensationalist tactics. Also take note that just because you fool everyone in the last five minutes doesn’t mean you are good at your craft. Try making a good product all the way through – yeah that means you too, M. Night Shyamalan.
Public take note: expand your attention span, demand more of yourself and your entertainment – don’t just sit on the couch and watch whatever sappy reality TV show American networks can crappify from abroad.

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