Nice tool

Anil pointed out one of the slicker web applications I have seen in a while, BrowserCam takes screenshots of any URL you give it in any of the many browser/platform configurations they support (which is a lot). Now you can see what your site looks like in Safari 1.0b on Mac, Konqueror 3.0.5 on Linux, and Netscape 7 on Windows 2000 to name just a few. The best feature however is that the site will create a layered Photoshop file with each platform configuration as a layer so that you can easily see the minor differences in rendering on each.
The pricing is pretty aggressive at $10.00 for up to 10 URLS or $39.95 per month (unlimited use) but it is a very useful tool. Plus there’s a free 8-hour trial! (I’m not kidding – I have like 6 hours and 57 minutes left.

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