Minor/Medium Changes

In a startling turn of events Alt Text had some attention paid to it by its owner/operator (whom I just realized has more or less been operating anonymously) that resulted in some minor and medium changes to the way the site works and looks.
Though far from a redesign, I think the new changes will hold off my boredom with the look of the site for a while longer. Those images up at the top are supposed to be random but I haven’t got that part working yet. The design has also been applied uniformly (well almost) across all pages within the site, including, after much more time than was warranted, the photo galleries. Hopefully my work will make it easier to change once a true redesign happens, but who knows when that will be.
Other changes include the new links area on the right hand side – this area will hold links that I want to point to but not necessarily comment on. Also added were some navigational improvements and a new creative commons license.
In the coming soon column are new content for the misc, resources, and (if I am lucky) the episodes sections of the site, a new about section, updated RSS feeds, and more photos for the galleries.

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