MVP in Wolf’s Clothing – did I already use that?

Charlie Walters on Phil Jackson, and, indirectly, Kobe Bryant’s prospects of being league MVP:

The same thing he did three seasons back — put Kobe on a short string and yank him to the bench whenever his habitual ego-mania becomes detrimental to team goals.

[Original article at ESPN]
On the real MVP, Ric Bucher makes this case:

Since it’s never been determined if MVP is really MEP (Most Excellent Player) or MVPOAWT (Most Valuable Player on a Winning Team) or MVPOTBT (Most Valuable Player on the Best Team) or MIP (Most Indispensable Player, meaning the guy whose team would simply cease to exist without him), I selected (Kevin Garnett) a MVIEPOAWT (Most Valuable, Indispensable, Excellent Player on a Winning Team) whose season has had the added magical quality of being a cut above anything he’s done before.

[Original Article at ESPN]

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