Six Feet Above Anything Else on TV

Besides Fox’s 24 (which can be flawed at times) and HBO’s Sopranos, Six Feet Under (also on HBO) has got to be up there are one of the top shows currently airing. I am renting the first season from NetFlix and I have been most impressed. Now 10 episodes in, what has impressed me most is the subject matter that is being handled on the show. If you have grown up outside of the United States you may not be familiar with how suppressed any talk of death and dying is in this country. Americans, by and large, simply do not discuss dying. The first episode of the series tackles this issue head on in a great way – and since that episode I have been hooked. I had been to more funerals at the end of the first four hours of the series than I had throughout the last 27 years of my life. I think it is health to have a dialog about death here – and what better means of communication for us, fat, lazy Americans, than TeeVee – its like therapy with a remote.

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