Requisitioned LinksTM

Some Requisitioned LinksTM from Rounded Corners in CSS and Usabilty Myths, Debunked.
While I am on the topic of links and I should commend him in always thinking of the little things that make his site so good to visit. By first creating his “Remaindered Links” list and then moving it over into its own permanent home, Jason has create a slick way to provide much more “content” without the need to comment on each and every link. There are plenty of things I would like to post about or point people to, but I either a) don’t have time or b) cannot think of anything that is insightful/hasn’t been said before on that topic. These little links and tidbits then tend to just get lost in a seas of draft posts destined to never see the light of page. Kudos Jason – you keep doing the thinking and we’ll keep using it.

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