For self-proclaimed “realists”, the line between idealism and naivety is often very blurry. I can usually recognize when my idealistic viewpoints may border on being naive – then again, sometimes I cannot – but I am hopeful that my view of the future of our world will eventually bear out – that we can someday all live in peace, united under common goals and like freedoms.
Am I wrong to think that the United Nations, in principal, is the closest step we have ever taken as a society towards moving towards that goal? Am I wrong to have a believe that when the U.S. and U.K. troops topple Saddam’s regime that the Iraqi people will be better off? Do the ends justify the means? If so where do the ends end? I could probably convince myself that if only the U.S. could topple the regimes and dictatorships around the world – the ones who oppress their people and retard freedom, that maybe the world would be better – be closer to ideal. Expect a counterpoint tomorrow.

— — —

America is obviously the most powerful nation on earth both in terms of its military might and it ability to spread its ideas around like so much sand on a beach. The U.S. is also, it cannot be questioned, one of the most generous nations having given hundreds of billions of dollars in non-loan aid to numerous nations around the globe.
[Source: USAID’s Greenbook]

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