News from Outside the U.S.

My friend turned me on to a new news channel called WorldLink TV where news is broadcast from various location around the world. Actually what WorldLink TV does is aggregate news, much like weblogs do (see previous post), to give a global perspective on world event and a local perspective to events at various locations around the globe. I am even more excited to get my TiVo/DirecTV system set back up after a year-long hiatus.
Finding this new news source is timely as it seems more and more Americans are seeking their news abroad. It certainly is one way to escape from the “clutches of a few major media conglomerates that dominate the U.S. media market; the usual suspects being Disney, Clear Channel, Sony Corporation, and AOL Time Warner.

Much of the feedback to European news web sites suggests people are no longer relying solely on the media in their own country for accurate and objective reporting. The internet has now become the home to a diversity of opinion as people choose to make up their own minds on how world situations are taking shape, no longer content with their own localized coverage.
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