The Move to Movable Type

You should notice a few changes to Alt Text this morning. The biggest of these is that the site is now managed by Movable Type. Alt Text posts still have the trusty (though slightly redesigned permalink and now there are several new ways in which users can quickly and easily communicate with me and with the site. These are: comments , e-mail , and TrackBack . The last of these, TrackBack, is a *neat* way to increase the interconnectivity between various weblogs posting about similar things. Development is constantly underway creating many ways in which TrackBack can be extended and become even more useful and nifty.
For more info on TrackBack check out this site and particularly this post.
I have also brought the search feature back and added in the ability for users to select how links open for them (see check box at right).
There are plenty of updates, revisions, and fixes I need to make in the coming days – chief among them is getting rid of that redirect you had coming in (should be done tomorrow), updating the secondary pages, improvements to some stylesheet elements, importing of pre-2003 data (without breaking previous linkages to those posts), and a new interface at some point.
If you want to ask me some questions about my experiences installing and running Movable Type (MT) feel free. I do plan on posting a synopsis of this portion of the site’s overhaul soon, and there are more changes/enhancements to come.


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  1. You probably already know this, but ya might wanna check the site in Mozilla, as there are a few formatting issues. Otherwise it looks fab.

  2. The Move to Movable Type

    You should notice a few changes to Alt Text this morning. The biggest of these is that the site is

  3. Yeah, I know there are issues with the menu on the right in Mozilla and I am attributing the issues with mozilla as Opera handles it fine and there is no reason for the behavior (of course stating this here almost assures that someone will point out that I am an idiot).

  4. So I am the one calling me an idiot – well more of a lazy oaf. In my efforts not to use tables I avoided all such solutions. Once I put the right side into its own table the site looks just as it should in Mozilla. It shouldn’t be like that however with a “standards-compliant” browser such as it is.

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