The countdown begins.

I have posted new photos of the trim and other woodwork in the house we are building. It is really becoming crunch time as we just 3 weeks remaining to get the following completed: interior paint and trim, exterior trim and siding (we may need to wait to paint until spring), concrete poured in the basement and garage, cabinets and built-ins built, installed, and stained, countertops cut and installed, appliances and fixtures installed, final electrical wiring completed, floors installed, deck built, and many other odds and ends that will need to be tied up. Ugh!

— — —

I finally got around to seeing a movie I have wanted to see for quite some time: Y Tu Mamá También. Although I had originally had very high expectations for this film, I tempered them after hearing some less than resounding praise and so, as it turns out, I found that I liked the movie – perhaps more than I liked the story this film presents. Having spent 3 months in Mexico during college I feel a special bond with the country. I had a chance to travel around for a month of that time and saw a lot of the Mexico I knew in the periphery of this movie. I think it was great that the filmmakers made a point to give you a look at Mexico’s natural beauty, its political landscape, and its people. In a lot of ways I thought these little glimpses we get were more compelling than the primary story that seemed a little to shallow for me.

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